How To Apply Blogger For Google Adsense? | Get Fast Google Adsense Approval

Top 9 Best Ways To Applying Blogger For Google Adsense. These 9 Best Ways Can Help You To Get For Applying In Google Adsense Kindly Carefully Read And Apply.

Top 9 Best Ways To Applying Blogger For Google Adsense

1. Sign in to Your Blogger Blogspot.

2. Left Menu Bar Click Earnings and then Sign up for AdSense.

3. If You Do Not See The earnings Then Wait For One Week or Check Google  AdSense 
Eligibility This requirement is to Look for Why Your Blogger is Not eligible for Google AdSense.

4. Sign In via Google Email Which Is Associated With your Blogger Account.

5. Fill out The Form Of AdSense and Then Create an Account.

6. Enter The Correct  AdSense  Payment Information.

7. Verify Your Mobile NO# and  Then Click Submit.

8. The system Will automatically Redirect To Your Blogger to Complete the Process.

9. If In Few Minutes do not Redirect to Your Blogger Then Click On click Redirect.

If You have Don All Requirements And Finished the Process Correctly Then Sign In To Your Google Adsense Account it Show Like This Which Is Below In the Picture.

And Then Wait For 7 To 15 Days For Google Adsense Approval For Showing ads On Your Blogger
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