3 examples of virtual events organized thanks to dyevent

3 examples of virtual events organized thanks to dyevent. What virtual events are organized thanks to dyevent? Discover 7 examples and get inspired by what could be adapted to your events.

Online courses and workshops

Cooks, authors, or even coaches, organize and monetize thanks to dyevent online courses and workshops for all types of audiences: amateurs and experienced alike. 

From their homes or in a place dedicated to a certain practice, these new generation teachers transmit their art through the multiple screens of their “students”. 

3 examples of virtual events organized thanks to dyevent

These precious moments of sharing take place live, during which participants learn to master new disciplines — cooking, making objects, yoga, etc. — in the comfort of their own home, both independently and in a guided manner.

Beforehand, course registration and payment are facilitated by the dedicated dyevent solution. Once the form has been completed, participants receive all the information by email in order to connect on D-Day.

Find 4 inspiring examples of courses or workshops organized with dyevent:

  • Cooking class with Miss Tam Kitchenette
  • Ecology Workshops with Our COP21
  • Writing workshops with Agnès Abecassis
  • Laughter Yoga sessions with Valérie Bineau

Go further by discovering our articles dedicated to the organization of online courses, and more particularly sports.

Online conferences

At the same time, organizations or professionals are organizing online conferences. Addressing many fields — commerce, science, industry, etc. — these events generally bring together professionals from the same sector of activity. 

These communities can then discuss their favorite subjects and imagine new projects together, even when they are scattered all over the world.

By connecting dyevent to their videoconferencing tool, organizers simplify the experience of participants. We have also written an article dedicated to the organization of online conferences.

The Perspectives Meetings are part of these virtual conferences, in which the authors of the best books on psychology, philosophy and personal development intervene.

Virtual tours

Heritage sites, exhibition spaces, or professional guides offer virtual guided tours to art enthusiasts of all kinds. These immersive experiences invite participants to discover works that they may never be able to see with their own eyes, from their couch. 

An exceptional opportunity! With dyevent, the Lascaux Cave and the Louvre Museum are just a click away!

Online ticketing and registration, access management, creation of a reliable database, email reminders… dyevent offers solutions for organizing virtual events with ease. Discover all our features by clicking on the button below:

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