Choose the right English certification for each type of job

Choose the right English certification for each type of job. There was a time when English certification made your resume stand out from the rest. Today, it is increasingly essential to have a certified language level. 

Choose the right English certification for each type of job

Of course, with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right English certification for your job. Is there a certificate perfectly compatible with your profession (or the profession of your dreams), and if so, which one is the most suitable?

How to choose the right English certification for each job? Your questions and tailor-made solutions

Anna, 25 – Bologna: “I have just finished university and am looking for my first job. I would like an English certificate to add to my CV”.

If you are looking for a General English certificate for your CV, Cambridge English qualifications are very versatile and widely recognized around the world. They offer exams for all levels, but the three most popular options are First Certificate (B2), Advanced Certificate (C1), and Proficiency (C2). 

Each exam tests comprehension, grammar, listening, writing, and speaking. One of the main advantages of taking a Cambridge exam is that the results do not expire. So you don't have to worry about updating your CV in the future.

Paolo, 45 – Rome: “I work for a multinational company and I often find myself chatting with colleagues from all over the world. That's why I would need a business-oriented English certificate that is functional for my work in the company.”

One of the most popular business English certifications is the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication). There are actually two tests, the first on reading and listening, and the second on speaking and writing. Candidates can choose to take only one test or both. All questions are based on real business situations. 

Please note: do not confuse the TOEIC with the TOEFL (an exam intended for students) and remember that the score is only valid for 2 years since these are professional contexts where your skills are periodically checked and updated daily.

Cambridge also offers a range of business English certifications: B1 Business Preliminary, B2 Business Vantage, and C1 Business Higher. 

Each test assesses the four skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing, and focuses on common business activities such as writing an email and interacting in meetings. Unlike the TOEIC, these certifications do not expire, although employers may require applicants to have relatively recent results.

Mario, 32 years old – Naples: “I work in the hotel industry and I have to talk to customers who come from all over the world every day!”.

Ok, good, so your main concern is to certify your level of spoken English! Then the Trinity GESE ( Graded Examination in Spoken English) might be just what you need. This exam, which ranges from A1 to C2, assesses communication skills only. 

What is expected of you? An informal conversation, a discussion on a specific topic, an interactive task, a presentation, and a listening section.

If you want a more comprehensive certification within Trinity, you can consider the Trinity ISE (Integrated Skills in English) exam, which tests reading, comprehension, writing, and speaking. 

The tests are designed to reflect current events and real life and are very practical and communicative. As with Cambridge degrees, Trinity's GESE and ISE results last a lifetime.

Federica, 27 years old – Bari: “I would like to participate in a public competition in Italy but I saw that a minimum level of English is required.”

True. Today, most calls for applications require proof of English proficiency at least at the B2 level, or even at the C1 level for some. Having the correct English certification for the job increases your score in public selection procedures in Italy. 

Exams that are generally still accepted are Cambridge, IELTS, and Trinity; in any case, on the website of the Ministry of Education and University Research (MIUR), you will find the complete list of recognized language institutions.

Kamir, 35 – Milan: “I want to settle in an English-speaking country to work there. Is a particular language level required?

If you plan to settle abroad, it is essential to check the entry requirements set by the country to which you wish to emigrate. Australia, for example, accepts 5 different types of certificates as proof of English proficiency, while the UK only accepts the IELTS certificate.

It is also essential to understand the requirements of your job sector. The standard prerequisite for healthcare professionals, for example, is Academic IELTS. 

In the UK, doctors must have an overall score of 7.5 and at least 7 for each skill (reading, writing, speaking, listening), but each nation has its own specific requirements. Again, it is important to remember that IELTS certificates are only valid for two years.

Liliana, 42 – Florence: “I don't have time to take a recognized test. Can I take an online test instead?”

With the development of the internet, there are now many “easy” and “quick” online options for language testing. While these options can be useful to get an idea of ​​your level, most of them are NOT accepted as proof of your language skills. 

If you really want to demonstrate your language skills, it is better to invest time, effort, and money in an internationally recognized qualification such as IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge, or Trinity.

New opportunities abroad: choose the best English certification for your job and your goals!

I hope I have answered some of the questions you have had for some time and clarified what makes the difference between an English qualification for a job and another. 

If you want to pursue new career opportunities in a large multinational company or simply want to gain work experience abroad, it is essential not only to make a good impression at your next English interview but also to present a level of language adapted to your application. 

And if your English has not yet reached the minimum level required, don't be discouraged:

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