How to make a creative CV

How to make a creative CV? If you are looking for a job or if you have had the opportunity to interview and meet recruitment agencies, you know that the competition between candidates is fierce. 

But there is one thing that, more than anything else, can make the difference, especially during the first stages of the selection: it is the CV! Because it has become difficult to get noticed: there are hundreds and hundreds of candidates for each job and the difference can be made by a CV… perhaps creative! 

If I can't help you fill your CV with important educational and professional experiences (it's up to you), I can give you some tips for creating an original CV that will stand out to examiners and not go unnoticed.

Creative CV: how to do it?

online resume

If you have more time and are geeky enough, you can put your resume on a web page, and you should be prepared to build your own space, like a website or a blog. You can use WordPress, Wix, or Jimdo for this.

Interactive curriculum

Do you know who Robby Leonardi is? Probably the author of the most beautiful (and well done) interactive CV ever! You can see it on the website of this talented designer, an expert in animation. 

But then there's Marta Berzina from Latvia, who created her very personal CV using animated gifs which she then put together to create a simple and clear video CV which you can watch here.

Resumes printed on fabrics, objects, and gadgets

The most creative people have printed their CVs on t-shirts, on the cups of supposed medicine boxes, on chocolate or ice cream wrappers, on subway maps, and on Facebook templates: do it yourself and you will look great! 

You can decide to invest a certain amount of money and personalize a “physical” object that remains in the hands of your recruiter… much more than a sheet of paper. If you're looking for inspiration, take a look at Pinterest: you'll find plenty of examples!


Computer graphics is a type of technique in which information is rendered in a more graphic and visual form than text, using computer-generated images that can be animated or still. Infographics are an increasingly popular technique because they are immediate, fun, and colorful. 

If you don't know where to start, you can take help from PikToChart, Easel ly, Resume Templates, Visual Resume, and Canva.


Prezi is one of those fantastic things that I thank the web for every day. It is a valuable and free tool, very useful for creating dynamic and very attractive presentations. Forget PowerPoint! With Prezi, your CV, your research paper, and your report… 

will hit the mark for sure! You can customize templates, and animations, insert photos and videos, choose fonts, then... Export and share your work.

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