How to find a good commercial space for your startup?

 The choice of commercial premises is the decisive choice for starting a business. It is often essential that the choice of the place and its location are not neglected.

Renting a commercial space adapted to their professional challenges is not an easy task. Whether you are self-employed or a large company, you probably have specific needs for your event industry. When you rent commercial space, you want to make sure that these needs are met and that you can stay in one place for many years with great success. To help you make the best choice, this article gives you advice on what to do.

Identify the differences between business premises and commercial premises

Professional premises and commercial premises are often confused. The first is dedicated to professional use. It is aimed at tenants who wish to use the premises for self-employment or office activities. As for the second, it is dedicated to commercial, manual or industrial functions.

In the eyes of the law, business premises are premises where commercial activities are carried out or carried on. Commercial activities consist of buying or selling products or services to individuals or companies.

A place of business is a building (or part of a building) dedicated to craft, commercial or industrial activities. It can be rejected in different ways, such as a store or a professional office. It is generally a long-term investment and is therefore recommended for companies in stable conditions.

How to find your business premises?

The place of business depends on the activities of the companies concerned and their size. Therefore, depending on the activity, if there are product sales and inventory, it must have offices and/or warehouses. It may be useful to draw up a business plan to identify your business premises . If necessary, do some market research to find areas where your sales will be most successful, such as downtown.
There are two ways to find your business premises:

  • It can be rented without taking over the existing business
  • Possibility of buying back an existing business (transfer of the right to the lease or right of entry)

The contract that binds the owner and the operator of a professional premises is called commercial lease or classic lease. This contract unites them for 9 years and must be renewed every three years, hence the name 3/6/9. The purpose of this contract is to regulate the operation of the property, as well as the terms of operation, such as the duration, form, amount of rent, etc.

A commercial lease must be signed for any commercial lease. commercial lease allows you to benefit from a capped rent with the possibility of renewal. If the law does not require it to be written, it is written in practice to avoid any misunderstanding or misunderstanding. A commercial lease must include the amount of the rent, the inventory and the planned activities. Activities not mentioned in the lease are not possible.

Our advice for renting a commercial space

Before starting to look for the ideal place, it is strongly recommended to draw up a specification in order to collect your expectations and your needs for the place.

First tip, evaluate the location of commercial premises

If you've already found your area of ​​interest, check it out! Walking down the street, paying attention can tell you a lot about traffic. It's a good idea to find this clue. Alternatively, you can estimate the number of commercial spaces rented in the surrounding area. However, if you are not from the area, you can inquire about street traffic with a property developer or municipality. They will give you neutral and very enlightening data on the desired location. If you have already done market research or a business plan, try to follow the strategy you have developed. So, if you choose to establish your location near your competitors, or conversely, if you decide to stay away from them,

Second, analyze your visibility needs

Before renting commercial space, ask yourself how much visibility your business needs. Keep in mind that even if the chosen department is interesting and busy, the location of the business can affect attendance. So if visibility is an important criterion for you, make sure you are easily spotted on the street. However, if visibility is not an important factor in renting a commercial space, choosing a more remote area can be very advantageous and less expensive. Leaving a hot zone can really save you a lot of rent. It all depends on your needs: you have to see a restaurant or a grocery store, not a factory

Third, see commercial space for rent

Once you have selected a department and a location, you can linger in the commercial space. This is an important criteria to evaluate before leasing commercial space, as prices are usually determined in square feet. However, this may vary by author, so check with them. Also evaluate the interior fittings you need before renting your commercial space. The factory requires less interior renovations, therefore, the rent can be cheaper. On the other hand, restaurants will not be able to accommodate warehouses and will require more specific equipment.

Finally, determine your budget for the rented space

In order to choose a commercial space that suits your financial situation, ask yourself a few questions about your income and expenses. What is your business budget? What are the costs associated with this commercial space, such as electricity bills? Rent is often a major expense for a business. So be prepared and know what you can and can't afford before you choose. Also keep in mind that supply and demand are very important when renting commercial space. In fact, the more sought after an industry, the higher the price of a house. The economic and real estate environment can also influence prices: remember to take this into account.

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