Why advertising in Arabic only addresses the target audience?

 From their television screen, their smartphone or their computer, anyone watching a match is sometimes gripped by the feeling that the advertisements scattered along the railings of a stadium in Europe speak to them, including in Arabic , if that is their current language.

We are entitled to ask ourselves questions: how did this advertisement arrive there, in the middle of the Stade de France, or in Barcelona, ​​at Camp Nou? Do the big companies in the Arab world have the means to buy this particular location or are they paying huge sums?

A miracle of live streaming

But if we are in the stands, this display does not appear to us. This type of advertising, which is very expensive, is not only aimed at supporters of a single competition between two teams. The companies that use it want to reach the widest possible audience, when broadcasting at an international level, the British Premier League or the Spanish La Liga. Such meetings will focus the attention of millions of spectators around the world. Among them, there will be hundreds of thousands of Arabic-speaking football enthusiasts. If you want to promote your brand, you have to target, not the stadium as the central place where the action takes place, but the screens that retransmit it.

Supponor, and its multilingual DBRLive technology

The Supponor company is at the forefront of the use of virtual technologies, which also help boost club revenues.

This type of advertising makes it possible to change the content of the advertising message displayed on the LED panel at the edge of the field, by adapting this message according to the target areas and markets, thanks to augmented reality.

The platform, DBRLive, is a software and hardware-based technology system bringing together near-infrared physics, advanced camera optics, and broadcaster integration techniques to enable real-time signaling replacement. physical advertising in sports broadcasts by virtual content aimed simultaneously at several audiences (different regional language versions).

DBRLive is in its early stages of commercial use and trials with a variety of the world's leading sports: the top soccer leagues in Spain, Italy and the UK, and the world's major ice hockey and soccer leagues. basketball.

Make an agreement with the company present in the field

We can immediately imagine the objection that many curious people will raise: with this type of system, we are able to hack, easily divert an original message to replace it with that of a possible competitor.

We therefore understand the possible reluctance of the owner of the initial right to deposit such and such a label around the land to promote the image of his client. Conversely, the impact of such an echo, this time across several languages ​​combined in several countries, on the occasion of an event broadcast worldwide, can bring unexpected notoriety to the brand in question.

Supponor will therefore consult the marketing company responsible for controlling advertising around the stadium. The two companies then agree on a fee in proportion to the earnings envisaged, with the assistance of the company which holds the broadcasting rights for this particular event.

Geographic variations on marketing objectives

One of the major points that this superposition technique allows is that it can very well convey a certain type of message to spectators in Kuwait, for example, while broadcasting a different message to other spectators in the Maghreb.

This is a question of targeting a specific group. If Nike exports a type of shoe to the United Arab Emirates, but the same model does not yet exist in Azerbaijan, the spot for this particular model will appear in the first of these countries, but not in the second, depending on the interest of the customer.

Such advertisements, broadcast via the screens, are impervious to the action or inaction of the players on the field, the refereeing personnel or the ball collectors.

A lucrative market for online betting companies

A new spectrum of companies is looking to invest in these new technologies that are perfectly suited to their own clientele. These are the companies involved in online betting, which, depending on the type of match, have an interest in their brand appearing everywhere and in all the languages ​​where they are present throughout the world. This is especially true in regions like the Arab world, where land-based betting companies do not exist, with all trading going through the internet.

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