Why implement Shopify Plus?

The Shopify platform was created to make it easier for e-merchants who were looking for a simple and practical solution to sell their product around the world. Thanks to its simplicity and the many solutions it offers to solve the various problems related to business transactions, Shopify has not been slow to find success.

Following its success, the platform has been increasingly attracted by e-commerce behemoths. To meet this high demand, the founders of Shopify found themselves having to create Shopify plus. How is shopify plus different from classic shopify? Why set it up for your business? And how a Shopify Plus Agency can help you set up Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus: what is it?

Seeing how e-commerce platforms like Magento and Bigcommerce were helping their customer to make many transactions per minute, Shopify decided to create Shopify Plus to compete with them.

Although it has the same dashboard as the standard version, Shopify Plus offers more features than the latter.

Indeed, the standard version of Shopify is made for small businesses. While Shopify plus which has been designed with more functionality is reserved for large companies that handle thousands of transactions every minute.

The particularity of Shopify lies in the fact that it has no limit for storage, does not set a ceiling on the sales volumes made and does not limit the number of orders processed in a given fraction of time.

The Shopify Plus version is also indicated for companies that are experiencing rapid growth. It is easy for them to adapt the evolution of their business to the new functionalities offered by this plan. They can do this without having to switch platforms.

Besides the fact that it offers many features to its users, the shopify plus subscription is flexible and adapts to the evolution of your turnover.

For example, for a store that has a turnover ranging from 0 to $800,000, you will pay $2,000 as a monthly subscription fee.

For higher turnovers, you will pay even more for your subscription.

But this is worth it, because Shopify plus also provides you with a whole host of exclusive features that make your life easier in managing your business.

Opt for more features

As we just mentioned, with the shopify plus platform, you will get many more features that you will never find in other plans or other e-commerce platforms.

Among the most useful features you have:

The sales channel integrator

The Multi-Channel Integrator is a tool that allows you to sell on multiple other online platforms through your Shopify store.

It has up to 20 channels that give you access to major online shopping platforms like Amazon and social media platforms.

The sales channel integrator is a tool that can be very beneficial for those who do B to B. Thus, they can use it to sell on other platforms.

The script editor

On Shopify plus, the script is a powerful tool that allows you to personalize the customer experience on the payment page and the placing in the cart.

It is useful for you to create features such as:

  • Percentage-based discounts;
  • Fully personalized purchase offers;
  • Dynamic prices based on customer purchase volumes;

The launchpad or launch bar

This feature will help you automate and track many events on your store such as launches, sales, and stock replenishments.

Thanks to the latter, you can choose a launch time for a new product, make an offer to your customers by automating the time at which the price will be changed to a discount.

Shopify flow

The Shopify flow feature allows you to automate the various tasks of the backend of your shopify store.

Thanks to it, it is possible to identify the tasks that do not bring the expected results, follow the evolution of the performance of the different tasks performed in your store and determine the status of the different workflows.

In addition to that, it indicates whether your task is in progress, completed or failed.

Shopify PDV pro

With the Shopify POS (point of sale) pro or Shopify POS functionality, it is possible to launch a physical store linked to your online store.

This feature offers many benefits to customers:

  • It is easy to use;
  • It includes a multitude of applications;
  • It facilitates inventory management;

This feature is a boon for retail business owners who need a solution that can enable them to manage both sales reporting and customer relations.

The Shopify Plus organization admin

Unlike Shopify standard version admin, Shopify plus organization admin is an enhanced version.

From the Shopify plus organization admin, it is possible to manage multiple online stores at once.

Its dashboard offers you an overview of all the actions carried out on your different stores.

It can also allow you to integrate new users into your stores and determine all the orders that have been made.

What benefits can the Shopify Plus plan offer you?

It is unquestionably true that having access to Shopify plus will give you a lot of advantages over the other plans. Among these different advantages, we have:

1. Access to a multitude of applications

As listed above, Shopify Plus has many apps. These make things easier for managing the different tasks on your store.

Access to a follow-up program

As soon as you register on Shopify, its team helps you have a well-established vision for your business.

To do this, it offers you the support you need to develop your business through online courses, webinars and training videos.

It also helps you by offering you checklists to follow to put in place actions that will boost your business.

2. Access to all Shopify communities

Signing up for the Shopify plan gives you access to all of the following Shopify communities:

  • The Shopify facebook group;
  • The Shopify Academy;
  • And the possibility of participating in the various events organized by Shopify;

3. More competitive prices

With the Shopify plus plan, you make high sales volumes. Aware of this fact, Shopify gives you a lot of discounts on your various prices.

On top of that, your transaction fees are significantly lower than lower plans.

On plans below the shopify plus plan, the translation fee is set at a non-negotiable price. While with the Shopify plus plan, it is possible to negotiate them.

By using non-integrated payment processors on the Shopify platform, it would be possible for you with the Shopify plus plan to obtain lower transaction fees.

4. More reliable and faster service

Access to Shopify plus is the starting point for the success of your business. This formula will help you get your business off the ground at rocket speed.

Indeed, when you are subscribed to Shopify plus, your store is now hosted on a high-end host and infrastructure.

With these powerful infrastructures, everything now becomes fast on your site. Thus, you will notice an increase in the loading speed of the most important pages of your site like the payment page.

Unlike lower plans where accessing a higher plan takes time, around a month for you to see configuration changes, on Shopify Plus it only takes days or even a week too much.

5. Access to more advanced marketing features

Shopify plus opens the doors to marketing tools that will allow you to intelligently increase your sales.

In addition to that, it offers you the possibility to optimize your product pages using the features that you can integrate into it.

These include augmented reality tools, 3D images and videos.

6. Support for shops all over the world

Wherever you want to sell around the world, Shopify Plus will always be there to support you. As a result, you can through this plan sell in more than 20 languages.

This is not the case for the other plans which offer the possibility of selling at most with 5 languages. On top of that, Shopify Plus gives you the option to use over 130 currencies and set a fixed exchange rate for certain transactions.

When should you upgrade?

The migration to Shopify plus is felt when the lower plans no longer offer you the possibility of carrying out certain tasks or when you are limited in your maneuvers.

The need to upgrade will arise when you encounter any of these issues:

Repetitive tasks keep you from focusing on new growth opportunities

As your online store grows, you will find that repetitive tasks become more time-consuming and prevent you from focusing on the essentials.

By finding a solution to these problems, you can now focus on essential tasks for the growth of your business.

With shopify plus, it is possible to use the automation tools to manage tasks like managing orders and shipping. By doing so, you will free yourself from these constraints and be able to allocate this time to other priorities.

The need to target the international market

If you want to reach other targets across the international market, Shopify plus will give you the tools you need to do so.

When the need arises to expand your store internationally, sign up for the Shopify plus plan. Thus, you will be able to create additional shops in other languages.

In these new shops, it will be possible to use different currencies. Similarly, you can also clone nearly 9 templates from the same store on different languages.

The need to increase your turnover

Once you find that your store is growing and needs more potential to grow further, then that's the perfect time to access Shopify plus.

Designed to be scalable, it will allow your business to adapt to its growth. In addition to that, it will allow your shop to face the various financial costs related to its growth.

Even if the cost of access to this plan will seem high to you at the start, you will find that the tools made available to you will allow you to quickly have a return on investment.

Wholesale stores

Shopify's wholesale channel will make it easier for you to reach B2B customers when you sell wholesale.

You will be able to sell on world-famous platforms such as Amazon.

For personalized payment solutions

With its set of customization tools, you will be able to customize the payment process for all of your customers.

Using the checkout.liquid file, you will be able to edit shipping options and payment methods on your store's checkout page.

Increase the employee accounts of your team members

As your business grows, you will be forced to expand your team. For each of these new employees to participate in the evolution of your business, they must have an access account to your online store.

The other plans offer you the possibility of having access to a maximum of 15 employee accounts.

With Shopify Plus, you will now be able to register an unlimited number of employees to your online store.

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